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How to Gain Perspective

The best way to gain perspective is by creating space between you and the problem. Even if you don't know what the problem is, or even if there is one, by physically removing yourself from your typical environment you will come to recognise; what is important to you, what is tying you down, and you will start to discover just who you are. Travel is, above all, the quickest and most effective way to create space, and gain perspective.

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Re-imagining the Wheel: Part 2

I have a suggestion as to how we can guide the process. The following list is collection of benchmarks that I propose we use to both examine our existing structure, and use as a guide, as we build and improve upon a modern education system. I present them here with the aim that they foment discussion, and quite honestly I hope that someone smarter and more qualified than I can improve upon them.

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