Mornings at Nagasaki House, Burabura


While looking for budget but relaxing places to stay in Nagasaki, we found a guesthouse that - after seeing the very first image on their profile - we knew we found an amazing place.


It turns out we had underestimated just how amazing the little town of Mogi was. It was sleepy and small, with a tiny population, but it also had some beautiful shrines and a temple too. There was a great little convenience store that, while you had to plan it out beforehand, was still a walk-able distance away.

Even though it is technically a fishing village, the water was clean and clear, very little rubbish, and no disgusting smell at all. I had a swim in the ocean just in front of our lodgings, and while the water was cold with a sharp, stony floor, it was pleasant none the less.

As you can imagine there was an abundance of sea life, and the owners of Burabura House spent most days with a fishing line dangling into the water.

Quite honestly, if I had to chose a place in Japan to retire, this would be it. I miss you, Mogimachi!