About william la mont

I'm a photographer, a father, A teacher, and a writer. I teach writing and self expression to exceptional kids.

In 2008 I was homeless. As it turns out, that isn't much fun, so I went back to school in 2010 to become a teacher.

By 2014 I was working for one of the most famous schools in southern China, building their international curriculum.

Come 2017, I'd quit. I hadn't given up on the children, but had become disillusioned with the system that was training them to end up where I'd  been in 2008.

Now I tutor great students, guiding them to become exceptional, and I can do the same for you. I provide online courses, consulting for schools, and turnkey solutions for tutors. With my friend Chris, I co-host the China Jedi Podcast, and I have my own podcast related to the topics on this website. I explore the confluence of education, life-philosophy, parenting, and martial arts, providing you with actionable advice, guidance, and mentorship.

I have a periodical newsletter that covers the best of what I've found or made each month (more or less).

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