About william la mont

I'm a photographer, a father, A teacher, and a writer. I travel and provide pro photo/video services to families and businesses. I also teach writing and self expression to exceptional kids.

Over the course of a month in 2008, I lost my job and my apartment, and I found myself homeless. As it turns out, that isn't much fun. With no marketable skills that would safeguard against this in the future, I went back to school in 2010. I decided to become a teacher.

By 2014 I was working for one of the most famous schools in southern China, building their international curriculum.

Come 2017, I'd quit. I hadn't given up on the children, but had become disillusioned with the system that was training them to end up where I'd  been in 2008. The school itself has improved, but the problem remains: our education systems do not prepare students for the future, nor allow for healthy self-expression. In China especially, this is worrisome.

Now I tutor great students, guiding them to become exceptional, and I can do the same for you. I provide online courses and turnkey solutions for tutors. With my friend Chris, I co-host the China Jedi Podcast, and I have my own podcast related to the topics on this website. I explore the confluence of education, life-philosophy, parenting, and martial arts, providing you with actionable advice, guidance, and mentorship.

As a photographer I cover the changing face of Zhuhai, the natural wonders of New Zealand, and love to collaborate with others. I endeavour to capture each moment as it is with as little manipulation as possible.To see my professional work you can head to wmlamont.photography, but I also feature much of my work here on the blog.

I have a periodical newsletter that covers the best of what I've found or made each 6 months (more or less).

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